My Chimney Cleaning & Atlas Chimney is a certified chimney sweep organization in good standing with the Chimney Safety Institute of America providing quality Chimney Services in the Texas Hill Country for over 25 years.


MyChimneyCleaning chimney sweep

Your Job Done Right


Chimney Camera Inspections

When we inspect your chimney or flue we document the findings with videos and photos. We also provide before and after photographs of the work we do.


No Bait & Switch Pricing Games

When we put together a contract for you we don’t make unethical price changes later. It is not uncommon for contractors to quote a price and then changing it later. We just won't do that. Don't Be a Victim of 'Bate and Switch.


No Mess Guarantee

We give you a 100% Guarantee that our certified chimney sweeps will not leave a mess. When we have completed the necessary work, we cleanup any soot or creosote before we leave your home.



Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our chimney professionals and their work. If you should ever have a question about the quality of our work, we will work with you to resolve it.


Great Business Standing

We have spent years building our reputation throughout the Texas Hill Country. We are noted for our integrity.